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Abraham – Let it rain!

Message channeled on September 10, 2015 – Abraham

Nothing in the universe last forever, nothing remains unchanged, everything is always changing all the time.

Take for example your sky, it changes every minute and you do not hold onto the clouds that are forming or dissipating, because you already know that they are temporary and so everything flows, even if there is a storm, you have the most absolute certainty that it is momentary, it will not rain forever, and in your lives it is exactly the same, every second has things coming and going, but there is a difference, that you always hang on to something that is coming or that is leaving, sometimes both.

And when it’s happening a storm in your life, rather than pick up an umbrella to avoid getting wet and wait the rain to stop, you simply stand in the rain, tapping your foot and saying “this will never end!”

So this period of transformation, from the rain to the sun, seems to your eyes one perpetuated moment in time, full of suffering instead of being looked upon as if it was a period of rest, because in fact the changes happen by themselves, transformations always come to your door if you do not resist to the situation, the Universe can bring you what you are wishing for after the rain stops, but if you persist in beating the foot, resisting, the universe will give you things that are similar to your resistence, that is, dissatisfaction and sorrow.

If you see a storm, smile, open your umbrellas and let the rain fall, just observe. And as it falls, wonder what you will do when it stops, and when the clouds dissipate and the sun begins to shine, the Universe will give you everything you were wondering while it rained.

We hope to have helped.
We leave you in the Light of the Creator.


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