Abraham – what is behind the phrase : you are the image and likeness of God

Message channeled on February 17, 2016 – Abraham

The limiting belief that says that you are the image and likeness of God must be given up if you want to create the life of your dreams .

When this phrase was created, it was intended to put all humanity at a level below.

To show to all of you that God was the Supreme and you were something separate from Him .

That He loved you, but that you were never like him. It was also inherent in that phrase that only Him could send, create , give energetic support and bring from nothing all that you needed.

But see, that sentence really shows that you are as “clay dolls ” , they can’t do anything except wait for this “God” to come and decide to do something “good” for your lives .

In the divine reality that phrase does not make any sense.

You are the image of God and period.

There is no complement for this sentence because you are Him incarnated. You are the Divine consciousness that was divided and each part has an individuality, each part of a road and a conscience.

Each of them has ever been separated from the Supreme Consciousness, all of them are connected to the whole and also to all other individualizations.

This may appear to be almost the same thing, but it is not, because when you face the reality that there is no difference between you and the consciousness that created you, everything gains strength and everything is more exciting, because you become strong , indestructible , immortal , wise , the love itself, the balance itself and the peace itself , all this and more are you.

There is no handing the situation in the “hands of God”,  there is trust, that if you desired it’s because inside yourself there is enough power to materialize something, and you just have to believe that it was not you who you desired, but God Himself .

Everything is different, it’s impossible to “go wrong” , you just have to wait in the certainty that everything is under way and that in a moment it will be delivered.

You are gods , because there is nothing outside of it. Everything is the Whole.

We leave you in the Light of the Creator .

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Translation: Carolina Menkes Reis – Email: carol.menkes@gmail.com