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Archangel Michael – believe in your own capacity is to believe in the Universe

Message channeled on April 25, 2016 – Archangel Michael

Beloved Masters,

For all who are in the beginning of the path of awakening, I want to explain why I refer to you as “Masters”.

Master is a word that carries the meaning of highest wisdom for your consciousness. To me, you are not Beings who still need to “evolve”, because according to the Divine truth, you were born holders of all wisdom.

When you were emanated from the source, the Supreme Consciousness, you were what He is, the ultimate wisdom.

There was nothing that you did not know or that you could not create, and that is why saying that you are developing is wrong in essence, because the journey on this planet for you is a return to the original being, which does not need any “evolution”.

We often use these terms, evolution and development, but this is only for the people who are awakening can understand, but at any time these terms reflect the reality, for you are just returning to your true way of Being.

It’s like when you are playing a game, you experience all situations of the game, but when it ends, you return to your lives. So is the journey.

Many do not understand that when we say that all the answers are ready within you, but after reading what I was explaining earlier, it will be easier to understand this issue.

When we say that you already have all the answers, it is because if you use the calm and confidence, either in you or in the Universe, the answer you seek will come to light in your consciousness.

The important thing is to stop maintaining the belief that you do everything wrong, that what appears in your mind is the mind or ego, stop thinking that wisdom exists in only a few people, and of course you are not part of these wise people , and so on.

Believing in your own capacity is to believe in the universe, in the strength and determination that exists inside and outside of each one of you, because the universe is always at your disposal.

You just need a peace of mind and everything will begin to enter the place without suffering, because with confidence and patience, it is your natural way of acting, and with it comes the tranquility and peace to live every experience. Suffering is the opposite of all that.

You are never incomplete, at times when you feel like that, it’s just the belief that you have to learn or improve, which will be acting at the time.

So Masters, just be, without worrying about anything. You are not here to be promoted to nothing because you already occupy the highest office there, of the creator of your own experiences.

I hope this message will bring to light the greatness that exists within this consciousness that inhabits this body, which is experiencing what is to be a human in this dimension.

Call me if you need.
I bless you with my Light and my love.
I am Archangel Michael

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