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Archangel Michael – the attachment is synonymous of a future of “suffering”

Message channeled on March 7, 2016 – Archangel Michael

Beloved Masters ,

The most important thing in the experience is the harvest you have from it. In your nature, which is angelic , there is always the certainty that the thought, which is a seed, is always being placed in a fertile soil , which is the Universe .

That is why it has been a long time since you have been choosing joy instead of sorrow , it is because of this certainty , because deep down , that is, in your soul , there is a voice that tells you that you must take care with the seed planted.

Every time you are attached to something, your soul is sore because it knows that attachment is synonymous with a future of suffering.

See, the soul is sore, but it never suffers, because it actually knows that pain is ephemeral and that there is no reason to suffer . And the pain of the soul is very different from what you perceive as pain, because in most people , pain is synonymous with suffering, they do not understand how can there be one without the other .

The Soul is Divinity that belongs to so many different dimensions at the same time, so it is not ” contaminated ” by the third dimension , it remains in its original composition, without any interference.

But despite being in pain, it still loves the experience , because it can isolate the pain keeping the joy of the experience itself.

The pain in the soul brings some symptoms such as anxiety and fear of loss. Because attachment always leads one to the past or the future , never allows the person to remain free in now .

Attachment is one of the major challenges to be overcome , to live with the joy of being free, accepting all that the experience can bring, that’s how the soul wants you to live. So many low frequency emotions comes from attachment. For example anger, it is the attachment to situations .

Because people are attached, obsessed , wanting the situation is as she/he thought it would be, that when something or someone brings the result or a different thought , a person can not remain in balance and begin the process of generating negative energy , it begins to be spread primarily in his/her own auric field and then outside of it .

The soul , the core of love and Light that you hold within you, it must be healed, and the analgesic for the soul is letting go . In detachment life runs more fluidly , the lessons are faster , the obstacles are easier and joy is much more visible .

Each of you , beloved masters, are holders of a great love , and that love can drive you safely in any situation, because love is the lifeguard in this ocean of experiences of this dimension, it is impossible something happen to you if you are being guided by it . And all this love is available within your soul.

All you have to do is let go of the attachment, let go of all the limiting beliefs that tells you that life is dangerous and you have to be wary of people or situations, allow love to lead you , and so wonderful things will happen.

If you need just call me .

I bless you with my Light and my love.

I am Archangel Michael

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