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Archangel Michael – The month of April will be a very happy and peaceful month for the observers

Message channeled on March 28, 2016 – Archangel Michael

Beloved masters,

May the Blue Ray touch the heart of every one of you. The month of March is about to end, and so the cycle begins again.

The month of April will be a quieter month energetically speaking, because there will be no sudden changes as it happened this month. This does not mean that everything will be still, because it is impossible for the universe to be still, the movement is as natural toit as the act of breathing is for you, and even this act is a movement of the universe.

As you all know, 2016 is a year of harvest, this means that people will collect things that were planted a few years or months ago, but you will also harvest the seeds planted this year.

For those who believe that nothing happening is a synonymous of tranquility, you can forget, for life this month will be full of events, because there was an energy recharge in your experiences during the month of March, which collaborated with some manifestations that will occur in April.

Do not want to be still, dear masters, because stand still without any kind of movement is something that requires a very large energy consumption, because the nature of all of you is the movement.

Most movements start taking you from a position so that you can move on to another, but if you are close to this movement, you will be putting all your energy in the opposite direction of your journey. It’s like when you are in a river and begin paddling against the current. Do you spend a lot of energy, without making great strides.

Let the pieces move alone, by themselves, because they will move, you do not need to do anything but follow the events.

Give up the idea of control  because it does not exist in this dimension.

The control is only the illusion that things could be different, but dear, if it was meant to be different, it would be. If it was the way it was, it’s because that was what had the frequency to happen.

Let go, observe and be happy. See your life as a spectator in the stands, where you can watch all movements without interfering.

The month of April will be a very happy and peaceful month for observers.

Call me if you need. I bless you with my Light and my love.
I am Archangel Michael.

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