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Archangel Michael – The Point of no return

Message channeled on March 14, 2016 – Archangel Michael

Beloved Masters,

I greet you with the Blue Ray to encourage you to move forward.

Once I said to Luciana that she had reached the point of no return, and it is about this point that I want to talk about today.

When you begin to awaken , many things start to move simultaneously into the steps that you gave in search of your inner self.

Most of the time , you can not even identify if what started the awakening was the desire to know yourself better or were the movements of life.

The moment you begin this new journey , stressful situations become increasingly unbearable , and then one day they come out of your lives .

It seems incredible , but what you did not want anymore get a value that it did not have before, you begin to suffer to see things that did not make you happy go out of your life, or that work that you did not like to do, or that house you did not like and said you could not wait to leave it .

When these things leave you, you have the feeling that it’s all wrong , that you are “trying” to learn more, seek peace and joy within you , but your  exterior is increasingly upside down .

When you get to this point, it is because you have reached the point of no return.

This point is a milestone , because nothing can make you return to sleep, and this by itself is already a victory .

Because it means that you have reached the awake and put your two feet on it. It is time to put aside the illusion and begin to unravel the divine reality of this experience.

At this point , even if what you see is a mess, this is where many memories begin to awaken , then it is impossible to go back to old thoughts , such as that you came here to “prove you are worthy of being children of God”. This no longer resonates with you, because you have had access to the original Divine reality , which is that you are incarnated gods, and do not need to do anything to be worthy, because you already have everything.

Today I want to encourage you and say:  do not look for external mess, family , children, work , country or money , look inside believing that you are accessing something new , something that will complete you day after day, bringing the sense that you searched outside, and that has always been within you you waiting for you.

The point of no return, the point of the Divine awakening , the point of the soul dawn, one that reaches this point begin to have access to the invisible , begins to believe that his power is to remain guided by your emotions , by your will.

Rejoice and feel supported at this point , for all those who have awakened , they passed for it and moved on .

Beloved Masters , I welcome you under my wings and I cover you with my mantle.

I bless you with my light and my love.

I am Archangel Michael.

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