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Divine Mary – which is the “state of grace”

Message channeled on April 30, 2016 – Divine Mary

Dear ones,

Before the webinar with Ashtar Sheran, I was meditating and asked for one of my mentors to talk about this event that would take place in a few hours. Then Mary came to me.

She told me about the grace that would be the experience of this webinar. During the conversation she told me something that I wanted to share with you.

“…the grace of being on this journey is the experience. In each experience is given a grace and all grace is given in the now, it will never be given or it never was given, it just is. When an experience happens, the grace that is given, begins to be your grace. When the experiment ends, you begin to be open for the next grace. “

I asked her what exactly was grace:

“Grace is a complex system of frequencies, which comes to you in the form of situations, and the frequency of these situations are always in harmony with what you created and which you are prepared to receive. So it is what it is, without distinction of the patterns that you perceive as “good or bad”. Grace is always a situation that is frequencially in harmony with you. “

All this made it very clear to me that grace is every situation we live in,it is not only what we believe to be extraordinarily good, but every situation.

Grace is our now, is our life, is our journey. We can really say that we live in a state of grace.

That made much sense to me 🙂

Gratitude for the company, dear!

Luciana Attorresi – Source: http://trabalhadoresdaluz.comProfile of channel Luciana Attorresi

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