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Everything was already prepared, nothing can prevent that a huge wave of energy arrives this month

perfil rogerioOn 24 November 2015 the Channel Luciana Attorresi had her first contact with a group of Beings who named themselves as Inner Light Group, and presented as “formless” , and said they were from the 12th dimension above. As always, when we turn a message public, the Channel has had other previous contacts. This was not an exception, and they talked about the “formless”, and that it would start to be worked by Them here on Earth.

There follows their first public message …

To the most sensitive , stay tuned to the magnitude of the energy emanating from this message!

Enjoy your reading!

Message channeled on December 2, 2015 – Inner Light Group

We are a very large group of Beings working together for  the Alcyone Sun , or Central Sun, as some know it.

The simple fact that we are here to leave this message, is the result of a magnificent work done by all of you. For a few decades ago this was not possible , because our energy could not be felt by you, because of the dense layer that was still evolving all the galaxy.

But today, after so much work , so much anchoring, the veils are increasingly subtle and you are able to feel the presence of higher energies much more easily.

Our work has always been to ensure that the energy of male and female departed from the Central Sun in the same amount , that is, in harmony.

Likewise, we are the first to know if there is any point in the multiverse that has a problem with the magnetic net, because if that happens , the amount of energy that is drawn from the affected region is unbalanced, then we met in a council to decide what to do to repair it, to create harmony again.

This means that we detected what was happening on Gaya for thousands of years ago, and since then we worked together with the All to bring harmony to this part of the galaxy.

We always did everything possible so that the female energy level increased on your planet, and we believe that together we did a good job, because it is wonderful to see the amount of female energy coming out of the Central Sun to your network, we’d say you are almost in harmony, regarding incoming energies.

The more these energies harmonize, the more you will feel part of the Whole , the more your life will gain meaning and beauty, the more you will feel full and powerful, because the harmony of these energies, it is the harmony of your Being, and this is something you’ve been waiting for a long time .

Many human beings are closed to receive these energies, but they are working in all of you , even if they can not settle completely, yet they are changing the behavior, the beliefs and foremost, they are awakening the self-esteem .

Because the power of the female, which has been, for thousands years, in desarmony on this planet, besides being the magnetism, is also Love.

And when it settles, the first love that is born is the one for yourself , because there is not something that bears fruits without having been planted. Before giving love, it must be a tree with very deep roots in your consciences , to then overflowing , bearing fruits.

Gaya could never had done it alone, she asked for help , and the help came from every corner of the multiverse, to get to this moment that you live today.

In December, another wave of love will be sent to you by multidimensional portals which are spread strategically all over the planet , so that this energy can be distributed equally across all realms.

Everyone will receive the energy that is ready to receive , but not all will be reached by this love .

Everything has been prepared for it, and nothing can prevent it from happening, and the opening of these portals will be from day 21 to December 26 .

For the most sensitive , the change will be felt a few days before and also after . And we can ensure that it will be wonderful, because even during this wave, the sensitivity of many will be awakened.

Do not be surprised, because the invisible is increasingly coming into your everyday life, and becoming visible.

We hope that love help you to awaken your heart, that has been left over for too long.

In a not very distant future, the phrase “I think” will be replaced by the phrase “I feel.”

May the Light of the Alcyone Sun be upon you.

Inner Light Group.

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