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Many still can not understand the reason of Incarnation

Message channeled on March 12, 2016 – Mary

Beloved children of the One,

Feel the love that we are emanating this time for all of you …

May the Blue Ray and the Critical Light be over all mankind.

Many who are awakening still can not understand the reason of the Incarnation. Why return to a place of pain and contrasts?

We see that these doubts consume you, because in the face of disease , famine and violence , you feel like hostages in a body, locked inside a planet , unable to use the free will to leave.

I think those words speak very strong at the heart of many people who are attracted to this message .

I’ll explain in a simple way to facilitate the understanding , because as I said, this message is for those who are awakening , so therefore are not souls that already have much knowledge about the awakening.

It all started when you decided to incarnate on Earth for the first time . You as an old soul knew many things that today you do not remember , for example, that you are connected to all humanity and when you do something for yourself, you are actually doing for all .

You with a wide awareness next to your higher self , set up a plan to live certain experiences , such as helping to raise the consciousness of humanity, ant that plan was added and connected to plans of other beings , so that together you could help each other in your experiences.

Most of you made long plans , which would not be complete in just one or two incarnations , as there were important things to take into consideration such as the dimension, because the third dimension is slower, the interlacing of experiences and, the principal, the role you would have in the master plan , which is actually the sum of all the soul plans.

See how impossible it is to see a person incarnation as something isolated . The complexity of incarnations in many ways are beyond human understanding , so I will leave them aside .

But returning to all that I have described, understand that when you disincarnate , you with a broader consciousness at the time of making the plan for the next incarnation , you could say that you did not want it anymore, but knew that many other souls would be waiting for you in their experience, and also by the fact that you, by yourself , wanted to finish what you started , because there, in that moment , you know that all that you live here is temporary and nothing can really destroy you .

On the basis of all that you continue until all that you set out to do there, in the first incarnation , is completed.

Dear, the most important of the Incarnation is the detachment to it, do not waste your energy thinking , speaking or living your “problems” , accept them and talk , think and live solutions , think about the problem generate even more problems , but thinking of the solution attracts the solution.

When you accept your journey with all the complexity that it has, you automatically open the door to a less painful life because harmony is settling inside you.

Love what you are , love the journey , love humanity , love the bigger plan and love life .

Do not forget, the life you live start with the emotion that you emanate to the Universe .

Emanate love and the Universe will surround you with love by all sides.

Call me if you need my help.

I bless you . I Am Mary.

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