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Pleiadians – In the next two weeks – interconnection of the energetic grid

Message channeled on April 31, 2016 – Pleiadians

Greetings stellar brothers,

In the next two weeks we will be working more intensely on the planet’s surface.

We are on a mission to make the link between the strategic energetic points.

These points are like large power transformers that distribute across the power grid the informations that are available to all of you.

These informations comes from your multidimensional self/ crystalline self, which is part of the Higher Self. Each of you will receive the informations that are ready to receive.

We remember, darling, that informations do not have an owner, they all belong to everyone, then you may be ready to receive an information that was released by the Higher Self of another person and vice versa.

The interconnection of this grid is the absolute perfection of magnetism, because each one is offering what have to benefit all.

This is the true sense of Oneness. Some will feel like ideas sprout inside their heads, others will change things that were ready to be changed. They are not going to be big events, but they are decisive in your walk.

It is important to allow yourself to change your mind or position, it will be the guarantee that you are making the most of the available informations.

When you get attached, you close yourself and remain with the same way of looking at life and at yourself, without enjoying the huge opportunity available.

There is also a commitment to yourself to pursue the best version of yourself. This can not be left aside. If you could see, dear, you would see that the air you breathe is full of information, and they all belong to you.

All you have to do is to allow yourself to change, without fear, just trust the process in which you are living.

We are working intensely to bring you all the support for this movement. We are many and we are with you all the time, so it does not make sense to feel alone. Wherever you go and whatever you do, our love is always at your side.

Perhaps our ships are seen by some of you, this is not part of an “official presentation” or anything like that, it was just a moment when it was necessary to be in the frequency that your eyes could see.

The time of your reintegration into the intergalactic community will come, but it has not arrived yet.

We look forward to this wonderful event, when we meet face to face, with the same love and the same joy. Let the changes happen and be happy, beloved stellar brothers.

We bless you.
Light and Love
We are the Pleiadians.


Note of the Channel: Just before I received this message, I had slept, and dreamt that I was on a ship. I knew who was with me, someone of the Ashtar Command. After this message, I asked the Pleiadians where I was in that dream. They told me that I was on their ship together with an Ashtar Command being that I already know, because we’ve talked several times.

They explained to me that there are some command members with them to help in the mission. The mission to install and activate these large transformers for the distribution of these informations.

So, people, let’s be open to changes. Whether external or internal, without holding on in concepts imposed by the collective.

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