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Saint Germain – Everything starts in the Now

Channeled message on December 8, 2015 – Saint Germain

Greetings beloved ones,

How many times have you been told that the Now is the only thing there is, and that in it your power is multiplied and that is where your soul lives? Although this is not a new message , it is always necessary to repeat it, because the higher is the speed of the energy that surrounds you, the greater must be your awareness, and to be aware you have to be in the Now.

All those who know of the existence of the Event, know that when it happens, it will be a very important milestone, it will be a watershed. But what some people think is that the Event will transform everything, including the limiting beliefs that you still use , and my darling , this will not happen .

The limiting beliefs are the obstacles that you put in your life to remember certain things, and as soon as you remember, the beliefs lose their usefulness and automatically cease to exist.

So, do not think that the Event will interfere in your process; it will only help you to learn and remember faster.

For this, all the passages that you do during the day, from an emotion to another, must be analyzed. You should consider which are the predominant emotions in your day, whether they are of high or low frequencies, as this will also indicate  whether the beliefs that are being used by you are limiting or enablers.

You must understand that the more conscious and anchored you are in the Now , the more you will be able to dissolve limiting beliefs, and then be able to feel free and joyful.

Do not expect something to save you from the sadness of your life, the solution is in your hands, right now!

Do not put yourselves as the victims of the Dark Ones or the Matrix, because you are not. You came here to experience what it was like to live in this dimension and you also knew that whatever  happened, you would always be connected to the Divine inside you, and this would give you the power to transmute anything.

The year of 2016 is a completion cycle, and you already know that, but do not forget that this conclusion or the harvest happens in the Now, in every second of your life .

The time to believe in a prosperous future is over. Be your own Prosperity Now. Create the frequency of prosperity inside your consciousness, Now.

Only in this way it will be created in your physical reality.

Create prosperity is to believe that you are always safe, that everything is under control and that the answer you expect always arrives . Trust creates prosperity, discouragement is the son of fear, and  the fear only knows how to create fear.


Beloved Ones , the Divine reality is already happening, you just have to calibrate your eyes to see it .

If you need help , invoke the violet flame, and it will transmute everything around you that is not love .

I bless you with endless blessings.

I Am Saint-Germain

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