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There is “self-serving” friendship?

Profile of the channel Luciana Attorresi

Last week I received from Sananda blocks of information, so I could gather everything and pass to you.

The message is about friendship, maybe this text is even a bit long, but Sananda made me see how broad can be the subject.

The origin of the word friendship (amicitia) comes from the Latin Amicus (friend) which in turn comes from the word Amore (love). It can be concluded that friendship comes from love and love is the raw material of all things.

For love there is no excess, it is pure acceptance. Most people believe that true friendship is the one that lasts for many years, but what I saw through Sanada was something different.

He told me that friendship can be fast or long and yet it does not cease to have a “role” in the lives of those involved.

They also say that the “true friendship” is that where there is no interest, but it is not quite, because we always have some interest in the people with whom we relate – some will stop reading the text here (laughs) – but let me explain what Sananda showed me.

“”You think that true friendship is selfless, but it is not so, there is always a interest. For example, in most of long-lasting friendships, you have the interest of feeling the presence of that friend when he is sad, or to share a cheerful situation, or an idea to help you or an opinion. So, dear, an interest always exists. “

“We are those who put the label that “this interest can and the other does not.” But when this friendship is fleeting or of of little intimacy, the labels change completely “Some people think I am Google. Only remembers me when he needs something.”

But love has no boundaries or preferences, it is always available to all, without making any distinction. Many people like the terms “Universe tools, light workers and individualization of God, but to think that anyone can take advantage of you is completely contrary to love.

The tool or the lightworker is useful without feeling used, because he knows that when you’re doing something for others, you are doing for yourself. Sananda said:

The interest can not be seen as pejorative, but as something useful. Because you are never used, because the choice of whether or not doing what was asked is always at your disposal”

But without the feeling of having experienced an unpleasant situation, just accepting that the person needed your favor.

Courtesy, the favor or “break the branch” should not be dictated based on the depth of friendship, but in what your heart dictates at that moment.

Sananda said:

“Sometimes there is not a frequency for two people be intimate friends, but not least this temporary or superficial friendship can be seen as something of little value, because the two parties are following the frequency to be only momentary friends. And it’s all good!”

Friendship is a common good which should not have any kind of label, because it is love. True friendship only needs a moment to exist, and that time is now, and the best person you could relate that time is the one that is there in front of you. All those that we attract in our road are masters who are teaching us something, and learning will never give us loss. Sananda said:

“When you put yourself in the place of Oneness, you never feel used by someone, because participating in the life of another person is an honor, even if that person is there in front of you because he needs your help and then not will not call you so early, yet you’ve been a Universe tool for that person’s life at that moment. But it is always yours the decision to help or not. “

Oneness, my friends!!!

Being One, even though individualizations with completely different paths, but linked by the same love, the source without distinction in every second of our existence.

They are the lenses (beliefs) that we use that makes us see the world around us.

We can see by the side that “we are being used” or the side “we are being the Universe tool in someone’s life,” it is up to us to choose.

That resonated a lot with me … friendship is synonymous with love … Oneness !!!

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