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William Shakespeare – living on a roller coaster – 5th and last part

Message channeled on 1 March 2016 – William Shakespeare

Beloved Brothers of Light,

All messages I left , telling a small part of my history, were always involved with the purest love, the unconditional one, because each of you is and always will be receiving my love, regardless you are or not in its frequency.

When I was little , I had a very rich life, materially, and it gave me a school and a social education. I learned a lot until my teenage years, without knowing that all would change completely , because in my career , people who connected to me did not have the same vision of freedom I had, were always being used to bring me some discomfort .

But instead of disturbing me, these situations manipulated to keep me away from my mission , strengthened me , and then I began to develop a very large detachment from both people and things .

My material life was a roller coaster , I was very rich and very poor several times, but what I won with art, it was something that most artists today do not believe that it is really possible to achieve , but even at that time was not easy to do all the work I did.

My love life was the same roller coaster, because the freedom I felt in staying focused , despite being away from my family , wife and children , was not understandable to people.

My companion, who was the mother of my children , could not believe the love I felt for her was genuine, even though I was away from home for long periods. This situation generated a deep agony for her heart.

Many times she tried to understand , but could not. I had many relationships with many women during my path, but my love and dedication continued to my companion during my journey That may sound crude, to say that I related myself to other women, but my conscience had already the wisdom that sexual intercourse has to do with frequency affinity, if both are in love, sex becomes sacred, and marriage and fidelity are visions of this dimension, because love is something much broader than that.

You accept that a person lives for a lifetime imagining how it would be to be with other partners, day after day tasting the bitter taste of frustration, than living a story, even fast, with someone who makes your heart leap in your chest .

And all this can happen without you having desire to separate from your journey companion. Because love has many forms, there is no perfect method for a wedding, there is only one that brings us happiness, and one that brings us disappointment , everything else is possession bathed with attachment.

I wanted to finish by saying that the whole journey can not be compared to any established pattern of society , that love should be the biggest search and all the joy always invades the balanced heart.

Live your days , dear brothers of Light, and let others live their according to their own views .

By embracing people as they are , you will be embracing the All and in doing so , you will find freedom.

Be the love, be the freedom , be the All.

I thank everyone who followed my words in this series of posts . Keep with you my love and my freedom .


I am William Shakespeare

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