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Blue Dragon – The event will be the first quantum step towards the change

Message channeled on December 24, 2015 – Blue Dragon

perfil-rogerio-2016-para o siteIn December 2015, the Channel Luciana Attorresi received a visit of the Blue Dragon. It was a big surprise, because in fact, neither me nor she were thinking about attracting them. However, as the Divine plan is magnificent and grand, and since everything has a reason, Their visit (representing the entire body of Light Beings ) was a pleasant and powerful energetic surprise, which was really felt by us.

I asked Them if they had the “form” of dragons, and see what they answered :

“Our appearance is the one that your imagination can grasp, because we, like you, actually are energy, however, your imagination decoding create this aspect. But as we said, if you were close to us, you would feel no fear, but love, because we are the Creator’s representatives as you are”. 

Check out the following public channeling. Good read!

“I want to tell you a few things about us, the Blue Dragons . First I want you to know that we are always committed to the justice of the Divine reality, this means that the laws that have been made on your planet to protect the Matrix and its creators, they do not exist for us.

The only law that is sovereign for us is the free will; the laws that do not respect the right to a full life, they will no longer be respected by us.

The Matrix is the playground for those who wish to hide from the light, and is the slave quarters for those who wish to approach it.

We work here in Gaia since a long time, even before the dark ones arrived here. But when the dimensions were downgraded , we decided to leave the planet so that our energy was not compromised. Some eons later, we decided it was time to return to help Gaia to rise and, with her, all mankind.

Many stories were created around our existence , because throughout human history there have always been those who could feel us, even though we were far apart, and when we return, still more people could, because you recognize our energy, we are part of all of you

But with the fear of what this approach could do, even if it was fruit of an ” imagination”, has started to create the story that dragons were “evil” and that we were enemies of humans.

Those who found us and meet us in dreams or imagination, feel that what emanates from us is only love.

The dark ones fear us because they know that our power is immense, and that we’re here with the Light that is bearable for Gaia, in this dimension , and that we are going to sustain Gaia in this return with our Light.

Each of us has an occupation in this plan , like you, we, the blues, take care of the water element, be it physical or spiritual. We, the dragons, we are the own elements ,that’s why there are Dragons of varied colors.

When we decided to return to Gaia, our home became the inside Earth, because there was the most peaceful place, energetically, to begin, then, to expand our Light.

We are together working with so many beings from so many different planets and dimensions and also with Archangels and Masters, so that the freedom that we want so much arrive as soon as possible. Our timeline’s a little late, but this is no reason for discouragement from our part, because we already know that everything happened, and that victory has already arrived, and that all of us together have managed to create it.

The event will be the first quantum step to the change, but its fruits may be a bit disappointing for some, because it will take the plasma control of your life, but the way back to home will have to be done by each of you, because no one can walk with each other legs.

We want to tell you that the internal changes will be easier, but the shadows will be dissolved by yourselves. So, the idea that the event will change people completely is not true. The event will only give you a loving support as you have never had before, but it will not change who do not want to change, because that would be against free will.

Without the plasma control, keeping the focus will be  much easier, so you will experience the creative power you have in a much more present way in your lives.

We can continue this talk another day …” 

Peace and Love.

Blue Dragon.

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