Saint Germain – The earthquake in Italy

Note: This post refers to the earthquake that took place on August 24, 2016, in the central region of Italy.

Message channeled on August 25, 2016 – Saint Germain

Beloved, this message is a manifestation that was created by thousands of people.

Beloved embodied souls who are still lost in the suffering the illusion provides. The earthquake in Italy is once again providing a huge opportunity for reflection about death.

Many people who did not have relatives or friends in the earthquake zone were very sad and cried because they carry within themselves the cellular memory of past lives, that death is something to be avoided at all costs and that death is the absence of life.

Even if these persons consciously, it is, with their reasoning, understand that death does not exist, yet the memory cell brings tears to their eyes and a knot in their throat.

Death has never been or will be the end of Being, for the simple reason that the end does not exist in the Divine reality, the only thing that there is, is the constant transformation of all.

The mind that lives in this dimension is responsible for creating the certainty that death is the end, and it brings discomfort. All the souls that disincarnated were in their time of disincarnating, because there is no improvisation in the universe.

Everything is planned according to the steps that each one decides to do. So everything was prepared for what happened.

Of course that within a mass disembodiment , there is always those who are still so attached to this dimension that needs a little more time to come to understand that this step has reached its conclusion, and now he will create in other dimensions.

Peace is already shining in the majority of those who disincarnated, especially young people and children, but I want to assure you that all are being helped to have all the energy needed to continue their roads.

This earthquake, despite being of “human nature”, created by the dark ones, and it was not a release from Gaya, does not change anything that I just said.

Everything collaborates with the master plan and is working so that thousands of people around the world see themselves reflecting the reason why death arouses fear in them, as they already understand intellectually that death does not exist.

The reception is being done to all, including those who lived somehow the earthquake but not disincarnated. For those it is being worked even more intensively the detachment of death.

Work this fear, and if you find necessary, ask for help to your mentors, guardian angels and the I AM Presence.

Do not miss the opportunity to open up to life every day. Share this message and translate it to the language of the country where you live, as this information should still get in many places and bring enlightenment to many people.

You are all supported in the love of the All. All of you are being embraced and welcomed by the loving energy that exists in every situation which you live. Never, any of you are alone or abandoned, for the simple fact that the separation does not exist and so you are part of everything, and the All is you.

Send Light, so the Light bring the dissolving of the limiting beliefs that brings you the  illusions of sadness.

We love you and bless you with the endless blessings .

I am Saint Germain in the presence of the Company of Heavens and the Great White Brotherhood.


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