Abraham – How much am I willing to change my life?

Message channeled on June 16, 2016 – Abraham

This is the most important question to ask yourself when you are dissatisfied with reality itself

The change, transforming something that exists in your reality, can only happen if some things get out of your life. So that’s why the question we put is very important, because it prepares you for the transformation. Let’s take an example:

You are dissatisfied with your work, either because it is far away, eithet it is the salary, or the people – Remembering that everything is sustained by the frequency, so if you do not feel right there it is because the frequency is out of alignment, but we will not deal with it today – then you start desiring another job.

The Universe always takes the easy way, and sometimes the easiest way that the universe chooses, is not one that you would classify as “ideal”, then suddenly you see yourself being sent away of work, without another in view.

Desperation often is an answer that you find within yourselves. You forget that every day you said to yourself, “Oh, today I wanted to stay home, I can not stand to work there,” and then you behave as if you had “lost the perfect job”, but in fact have been sent away was the way that the universe chose to have opened the door to another job.

It is always necessary that a cycle ends to start another, and ending the cycle means changes without loss or discomfort, only changes.

Before getting mad, thinking that everything is going wrong and you are being forgotten by God, see what are the other desires that you are keeping within yourself, see what are the cycles that are ending, try to see life from above to better understand the movements of the universe.

You are loved and cared by magnetism, whatever you put your energy grows and materializes.

Changes in life are not synonymous with failures, are synonymous with transformations of the universe.

Nothing “goes wrong”, it is only movement, so that what you want come to you.

Allow things to leave your life and shiny new things will enter it.

We hope to have helped you.
We leave you in the Light of the Creator.

Dragões Azuis – Nós afirmamos, não haverá mais grandes destruições ambientais-media-1Channel: Luciana Attorresi – Source: http://trabalhadoresdaluz.com

Translation: Carolina Menkes Reis – Email: carol.menkes@gmail.com