The introduction of awakening energy in your household magnetic grid

Message channeled on September 13, 2015 – Archangel Jophiel

My dear,

It is with great pleasure that I want to clarify an issue that most often is synonymous with discomfort: your family.

Some do not have the courage to admit to themselves that their family means sorrow and pain, and so I tell you, the first step towards “healing is admitting the disease.”

The family that you have, is not a planning error or a punishment for you to pay some Karma.

In fact every member of it has been chosen by you, so that you could go through all the necessary experiences for you to work your Being, in order to awaken it from this immense dream of separation.

Each of them has a specific role in your lives, to achieve a certain frequency to help you to achieve another bit of healing that you both were looking for. Without realizing it, what you are doing is a real joint effort of awakening, and believe me, everyone is contributing, even those who look like they are sleeping profoundly, even them are highly committed to the awakening of humanity.

All the people around you, are actually the most helpful people you could have around to help you to meet yourself. As much as sometimes it is difficult for you the family situations where you are marginalized or humiliated by them, believe me, this is just a simulation of an advanced level of an experience that will bring you the satisfaction of feeling detached from all illusion of separation.

On the other hand, do not belittle your awakening, thinking that it brought you problems you did not have before, because what happens is that your awakening, the magnetic grid of your family, is actually a way to set a precedent, it is, if you are the only ones to be awaken in your family, it means that your role is that of introducing the energy of awakening in your household magnetic grid.

Some relatives may enjoy and start looking your changes with good eyes and others may feel extremely uncomfortable with the new energy and may start to reject you because they feel this new energy emanating from you.

They do not do it because they do not love you, but because the change of your energies, led you to an “unknown place”, and they do not know what to do with this news. Then your family, be it as it may,is helping you to awake your essence of unity.

I’m not saying that you should stand beside who insists to mistreat you, but the feeling that you may have for them is of love and unity, because they came with all generosity to the “role” you are doing on your journey, so that you are increasingly yourselves.

Let go of the past and love to all of your families, even from a distance, because to love someone, you do not need to be close, love is a powerful energy that knows no distance or space, love them all, knowing all that you have lived in their presence helped you to be what you are today.

Say yes to love and yes to the unit.
Call me if you need.
I bless you with the Golden Flame.
I am Archangel Jophiel

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