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Osho and Jesus – Fire and water, the beginning and the end of a transformation

Message channeled on 23 December 2015 – Osho and Jesus

I ‘m the one you call Osho, and I am in the company of the one you call Jesus.

The fire and water, the fire of transformation with the transparency of the water , so is our presence today.

Many things are changing in the consciousness of people all over the planet.

Many people do not even realize they are being transformed by the fire of life, but that does not alter the fact that this process is happening. Some are awakened, others aren’t , but all are going in the same way, of recognizing the Divine that exists in itself.

One of the most loving teachings that Jesus brought was: love your neighbor as yourself.

He did not say: love your neighbor and then love anyway, and you know why? Because He knew it was necessary first to love yourself , to then be able to love your neighbor, because the one who has stones in his pockets, can not pay anyone with flowers.

This teaching was distorted and turned a reason of charging, in which people were always indebted with their neighbor.

But what Jesus meant was that before giving we need to have.

Love inside, love outside, that was the order he meant.

And after the teaching was distorted, it was necessary that the fire of transformation came to burn and dissolve the sense of guilt that came with it. It was no longer possible to continue with this emotional slavery, in which the handcuff was guilty.

And after the fire consumes what it has to be consumed, it’s time to the water comes and washes everything, bringing clarity and reconstructing the teaching inside the people .

It is no longer acceptable to make a sacrifice for anyone, it is not love

Love is to live fully, so there is no use in giving soup on Christmas Eve if you actually wish to be somewhere else  or if “to be a good person we must first think of others .” If it makes you happy , do it, if it does not make you happy, do not do it, because your energy goes with you wherever you go, so it will go along with the soup that you are offering.

Joy and contentment should be with you every second of your experience, and the more love you have within you, for yourself, more love will overflow and reach your neighbour, as a result, and I assure you it will not be only on Christmas Eve .

The Christic Light is the water that is currently bathing humanity, some are opening their hearts to it, others are still too busy with the illusion, but everyone is receiving it in their bodies.

The fire and the water, the beginning and the end of a transformation.

Be prepared , because the water will increasingly bathe you, rebuilding what needs to be rebuilt and creating what needs to be created, because for most of the awakened, the fire has consumed what needed to be consumed.

Anchor the Christic Light in these coming days, in this period that you call Christmas, because it will be radiant .

Light and Love.

I Am Osho, in the company of Jesus , the Christ.

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