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Your awakening helps other souls to awake

Message channeled on October 26, 2015 – Sananda and Mary

We are pleased to return once again, dear children of the One.

Every day the awakening advances, more souls are awakened by those who are awake , you are propelling those wanting to wake up but who were still sleepy (laughs).

Every action that you have creates an energy that goes into the collective field, so when we say that your awakening helps others souls in their process of awakening, that is true .

It’s like a row of dominoes , where the latter will never fall if the first does not start to fall.

As you work your own transmutation, you are also working the transmutation of others. As you work with love , compassion , faith , prosperity , you are working in the journey of all humanity, because there is a magnetic grid that connects all the embodied beings. So that’s why you often do not need words to let people know what you were saying, because the person feels you by the magnetic impulse that you were sending through your consciousness, and that arrived to his/her conscience.

You were taught that what you do in your life is not connected with anyone’s life, but see, when you are in some place, and suddenly, with the arrival of someone, the ” climate ” of the place changes completely, that’s because you felt really quickly the energy that was being emanated by that person .

In the collective this take a little longer , but it happens the same way. When a number of people come together with the same intention , everyone is affected by their energy .

So dear, do not give up about dreaming of a world in which you want to live, with the peace you want to feel, the love that you want to see expanding.

Carry on, because your energy is being added with the energy of so many others, and the energy is being accumulated quickly.

Do not be distracted by the news that shows only pain and hatred, focus on love and expansion, and you will be working with your Light to this wonderful future that lies ahead.

We trust you. We bless you from the Sun of

We are Sananda and Mary

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