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Ashtar Sheran – work the detachment and depersonalisation

Message channeled on December 17, 2015 – Ashtar Sheran

My friend, the confusion is natural for you in this period, because everything is really fast and the Light, with all the information it brings, is coming in increasingly quantities . Not to mention the internal portals that are being opened, collective portals, the equinox and also the collective energy around the Christic Light, that you know as Christmas.

All in all, it’s really easy for you in this dimension to feel tired , discouraged, frustrated and even with physical discomfort .

You come from a popular culture in which you always have to do something, then everything that is happening must go through the emotional or physical aspect, so you can have the feeling that you are doing something, but when it comes to energy, that is not so.

Energy exists by itself, and it also it knows what to do with the intention that it carries within itself.

As the seed, no one needs to tell it to sprout and become a plant, it simply does everything alone, using only the intention that exists within it.

So the energies just need a fertile ground, i.e. , faith, trust , positive thinking and joy, these are the things that make them germinate and start working in your bodies.

Here’s an example, you did not wake up one day and thought: “I want to wake up , now I ‘ll do anything to do it”. The awakening only began to germinate inside you, without effort, you just had the desire to be the sovereign of your experience and decided that you would be happy, this was your fertile ground .

The desires for things in physicality are wonderful, but they can not take you out of the Divine reality, which is love, joy and happiness all the time .

So these desires must be actually delivered to the Universe, so that you are able to surrender to the Now , because when you are with the desires in your lap, the worry and anguish will be your frequent partners.

Desires must be felt and surrended, not with words, but with feelings. In surrender there is no stress or fear , only the confidence that what needed to be done was done, because what creates is a feeling and not the “will power “.

The Portals, and this already answers the question of Rogério, are always the arrival of energies that will bring more and more clarity for the journey. They are inner workings which change what eyes can’t see , and these changes or cures in consciousness and in the subtle bodies will later attract the changes in the visible world .

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I had a dream exactly 30 days before my birthday – October 16 – and my dream, almost lucid, said that something very important to me would happen exactly after two months , i.e., on December 16, 30 days after my birthday. So Ashtar came to answer me, I mean, I had called him by thoughts the day before this message. I already knew the portal, because when I woke up I was aware that someone had told me about the date, but did not know what would happen. It was then, through Luciana, that I knew in advance. It was an internal portal that was made available to me, I really felt it with many symptoms that were all welcomed with love, in the certainty that the Universe is always on your side!

Any discomfort that you are feeling this month must be faced as a passing wind, because it will pass, as soon as you allow it to pass; and the discomfort may be physical or emotional .

The ladder is getting steeper, but on another hand, it means that the landscape will become more beautiful.

The question is not absorbing these discomforts as real ones or that they have a reason to exist.

They are an effect, but on the other hand , they also distract you from who you really are. Only work the detachment and the depersonalisation, for you can not identify yourself with the discomfort, you have to get rid of it all.

Your Light will always sustain you , and it is love, Divine Intelligence and brotherhood.

As you begin to see life as an experience that only exists through your energy, you will begin to recognize the power that exists and that goes far beyond human understanding about things .

Everything will be simple and defined .

My friend , we are always willing to help you, you only need to request and we , and all the Galactic brothers , we will be at your side to assist you.

Light and love.

I am Ashtar Sheran , the commander.

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