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Osho – the power of forgiveness

Message channeled on October 9, 2015 – Osho

I ‘m the one you call Osho .

Ever since I was little, in my last incarnation, I was learned that forgiveness was the key to any door, because with resentment any situation can become a maximum security prison and a life sentence .

Everybody when incarnate put into their plans situations that encourage to forgiveness.

That’s why there is often so much tension with the closest relatives , because they really are your best companions, who are encouraging you to have a different behavior, they are conditioning you to get in the way of forgiveness.

So if you manage to understand it “inside the house”, your whole life becomes easier, because in most cases it is easier to forgive someone who is not in our everyday living .

This means that when you manage to forgive your parents, your sons, your brothers , etc. then you already know the ropes.

Forgiveness can not be confused with forgetting.

Forgetting is the lack of memory , forgiveness is the transmutation of a feeling.

When you forgive, all the energy that was involved in the situation dissolves, and all is transmuted. Remember: what happened is no longer synonymous with pain, anger or hatred, it will be just a memory. That is forgiving, all the feeling for that person or situation is transmuted, but does not mean that everything will be as before, since all the situations that you live leave in you energies of expansion and it is irreversible. Then an event changes the person , and it is not the fact of have forgiven that will make the frequency of those involved return to where it was, so sometimes the relationship becomes different and those involved must rebalance energetically inside themselves.

… That often is a reason of pain …

But the worst thing you can do to yourself is the self condemnation.

You condemn yourselves for doing or not doing things all the time , you swear saying that you are idiots , imbeciles and etc.

When in fact you should be the first to defend yourselves because you know exactly how much you were honest with yourselves and did what you could do at that moment .

The eyes that you must have for yourselves should always be of love, never of criticism or condemnation.

When you apply self forgiveness , several limiting beliefs are broken and the Light can be installed in your bodies .

Be kind to others, but mostly , be kind to yourself .

Let there be light upon you all.

I ‘m Osho

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