The Pleiadians – the responsibles for the execution of Crops cicles explain the event in Prudentopolis , Paraná

Message channeled on October 9, 2015 – Pleiadians

Beloved star sister, it is with a great pleasure that we return to tell you about this crop circle, because we know you are interested about its meaning, inclusively this was very special and it alone has attracted your attention , and not the fact it was made ​​in Brazil , but because of its energy.

It was made by the request of the Archangels and the female energy.

It is a sacred geometry that anchors the energy of the second Gaya.

A second Gaia Gaya inside Gaya is now starting to be created, the fourth high dimension Gaya, to accommodate the embodied beings who are rising the energetic grid with the arrival of the potentialized female energy, which started in the second half of September .

Then she began to rise …

You incarnated will not feel any difference , you can not feel their existence , or if you are in one or in the other , but that does not reduce the fact of their existence .

It was necessary that this “clone ” of Gaya materialized itself, because if not, there would be no more steps to rise.

This also means that as you rise , another Gaya will be again materialized , so that you can reach the fifth dimension.

And in this day most of you will be informed inside your hearts of this event , because most of you will already have access to your tools


perfil rogerioThe Pleiadians Beings of Light are responsible for all crop circles, they carry out this geometric designs. You can also read this other article, it is a channeled message from them, confirming that they are responsible for these magnificent signs that they bring to us .


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You are being honored and cared for all the Creation, our beloved Galactic brothers.

See you soon.

Light and love, We are the Pleiadians .


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