Until the end of the year many changes will occur

Message channeled on October 19, 2015 – Council of Andromeda and Brothers of Sirius

Greetings Beloved Ones,

It is with great love that we return once again to leave a message for you .

Times of change, that’s what you are already living for some time, you have changed so much that now you do not even realize you are changing, and that’s good , because then you break the belief that the movement causes pain.

Many cycles are ending in your life right now, and when we say “now”, we are saying by the end of the year, because for many who are awake, in this time you have accumulated enough energy to make a change of frequency , and with this, it’s starting a new time where perhaps you do not feel comfortable right away, but with a little love and patience, everything becomes a period of beautiful discoveries and more growth .

A new cycle is in front of you , do not try to grab the old things, situations, whatever it is, a relationship , a job, a belief, does not matter, let go what are causing you pain, right now, and feel supported in this wonderful period that begins as you enter this cycle , because the more confident you are, the faster you will become accustomed to it , and sooner you will align with the higher frequencies, for which it will lead you.

Look at yourself, to the life around you, and see if there is something that is changing , either because it is leaving your frequency, or because it is entering it .

Because what happens is that you do not stop to observe your own lives , and it makes you not see what is coming, that is, what is causing you pain, or what is arriving, what is giving you comfort and joy .

After analyzing , accept the experiences that are ending and also accept those who are starting out, it is not always easy , but it is the only way to continue to enter the new .

If you are having some difficulty in leaving the old and enter into the new, call us and we will be at your side, indicating what is the best road to that moment .

Observing your own life , you are giving space for inner wisdom, and whatever else comes after that, it will be for your highest good .

We bless you.

We are the Council of Andromeda and Sirian brothers ,

perfil LucianaProfile of Luciana Attorresi – Source: http://trabalhadoresdaluz.com

Translation: Carolina Menkes Reis – Email: carol.menkes@gmail.com