Ascension is a fact, nothing and no one can stop this process

Message channeled on June 7, 2016

Beloved ones,
May the peace, which already exists in you, manifest intensely in your lives.

Ascension is a fact, nothing and no one can stop this process. The ascension is not related only to Gaia and to humanity, it is happening to all who are part of this Universe.

The Creator, through billions of creatures, inside and out of the Earth, inside and outside of the Galaxy, inside and outside of the universe, decided that there should be a new way to experience, because their individualizations that were experiencing here on this planet, were not  willing anymore to experience these frequencies of the third dimension.

On the other hand, they were trapped in their consciences to stay here and complete the plans that they had begun. As the amount of souls was too big, it was created the critical mass, as in a condominium meeting , where a percentage of people decided to do something and the minority could only watch everything that would happen, without any power to reverse the situation.

You were part of this conclave, a long time ago, and it was there that everything began to dawn. It was necessary that the whole plan was created, so that it could be put in place.

The vast majority of you decided to change of dimension, i.e., to ascend, but you knew it would not be something simple, something to settle on just one journey, then you have been living day after day, as if in each life you were placing a concrete block in this construction.

If all of you were with your consciences intact, that ascension would already have happened, but this dimension is really a game with a very high level of difficulty, as well as in video games, you have been learning in every life a better way to pass through the difficulties. Until reach the point where you are today, because the anchor that you are able to do today would be unthinkable 1000 years ago.

The work was hard, but now you receive from the Central Sun a large amount of energy, and because of that energy that every day people are awakening.

Dear, when you begin to wake up, in fact you are already rising because awakening is the first step to rise.

Instead of thinking, “When I rise”, think “I already walk the path of ascension.

Since the beginning of June, love is bathing this galaxy, even your scientists were able to prove, but they see it only as gamma rays, but in fact that energy is love, much love bathing all, bringing doubts concerning life one leads, bringing the search for itself, finally bringing awakening.

Enjoy this moment with this wonderful wave of love to increasingly find yourselves, because that is your search, the awareness that what your eyes see is the Matrix, but all that your heart feels is the divine reality that you seek so much.

Seek, seek seek. Because you will find.

I’m always here, I’m ready to intervene whenever you ask and if it is allowed.
I bless you, beloved.
I am Archangel Zadkiel

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