Osho – the master of meditation – channeled message

Message channeled on March 4, 2016 – Osho

I ‘m the one you call Osho.

When I was incarnated , many people came to me to simply know how to meditate and know what was this technique that raised awareness in a broader plan .

I worked together with the mentors that I had and we have done many meditation work together .

I demystified that meditation was synonymous with standing still.

I also broke the rules of “this you can and this you can not .” Meditation is one of the broadest techniques that exist, it contains everything you need.

If you need to rest, it will give you this; if you need to relax your body , it will give you this; if you need an inspiration, it will give you this; if you want to dissolve a behavior , it will help you; and the principal, if you want to know something, it will reveal it to you.

Meditation is silence , this has nothing to do with the noise around you or your thoughts , silence is the absence of emotion, is simply to watch.

Then your mind may be full of thoughts that talk and talk , but if they do not cause you any emotion , you will be silent, because emotions do not exist at the time you are just watching .

The cure for many limiting beliefs is the silence.

That’s why I developed the dynamic Meditation, and thanks to the Internet everyone can access it. The technique is very simple , there are many intensities of movement accompanied by music , which leads you to be present in your movements.

As you dance, you watch the dance and you become one, you are not a dancer , you are the dance and the movements are those that you feel like doing .

The more you dance , the more your physical body releases tension , thus there is a deep cleaning on your conscience , making you automatically feel free , whole , without the burden of fear and stress.

Meditation is a cleaning and if you prefer to do it still, do; if you prefer to do it observing nature , do;  if you prefer dancing , do it.

There is no meditation more appropriate , each person must feel which one who is willing to do today.

Observation is the way to happiness, for those who have the habit of only observe, do not get attached , do not reject , do not project , do not limit themselves and not even chain their feets.

The observer is happy because he is his own master, he is not taken by the stress of feeling anger, fear and anxiety all the time.

Every way is the right way to observer , all people are the best people who could have entered his life. Pessimism does not exist for him, all he knows is perfect for nature.

Meditation can lead you to it , whatever is the technique used .

I also want to say that now is the best time for you to meditate, it is not in a moment or tomorrow. But you might think, ” but now? “

Yes, be present where you are and in silence, be the observer of your life now, see where you are and what you are doing, what is the temperature, but just watch , do not take advantage , do not create emotions.

It is not life or the people around you that will bring you peace , it is to be in silence that will do it for you .

Be silent, observe and find the God who lives within you.

Light and love.
I am Osho.

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Translation: Carolina Menkes Reis – Email: carol.menkes@gmail.com