Osho – While the mind is talking, screaming and kicking, silence will never exists

Message channeled on November 21, 2015 – Osho

I ‘m the one you call Osho .

The wounds are being showed out, and many people are not feeling comfortable with it .

All are going through cleaning , and that you already know, but what only few have realized, is that something that happens on the other side of the planet is helping you to release yourself from the shadows that were hidden in the darkness that still exists in your consciences .

Everything is interconnected and that is why you feel pain when you see others’ pain .

When you see people discarnating from a thousands of kilometers, the feeling of pain erodes you, the shadows come out and then, what you think “has nothing to do with me” triggers a cleanup in your Consciousness , because seeing a tragedy awakens beliefs , and when they are awakened you realize if they are limiting or enablers .

Many are sure that is “normal ” to be angry with all situations that are happening, but what I have to say is that it is not.

Anger is the reaction of fear, and what are you afraid of ?

These situations should awaken in you feelings of love, solidarity and also wake up the transformation power that exists inside everyone.

So, when you look at what is going on, the first step is to accept , because what happened happened , and then send your lights so that everything runs according to the plans , without attachment. With attachment you develop pain, suffering , hatred and resentment , and all that is contrary to love , is contrary to the silence , and it is only in the silence that the nsformation can begin.

Situations , whether they may be, are always an opportunity to observe what is the belief that is emerging with it.

The Light and the silence are one, there will never be one without the other .

While the mind is talking, screaming and kicking , silence will never exist.

Love and peace.
I am Osho

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