Kryon – The mathematics may be that which is closest to the “voice of God”

Message of May 25, 2016 – Kryon

I am Kryon of magnetic service, and I want to talk today about the vastness that exists within a single Being.

Within you there is the complexity of all existing things in Creation. There is nothing disconnected from you, anything that is not represented or reflected in the Universe. All laws, the physics, chemistry or Universe are reflections of what is within your bodies and your lives.

Many, when encounter a mathematical operation, say: “When will it be necessary to me?”

And sometimes that operation is happening at that moment inside his consciousness, so that it is possible for him to be there, sitting at that table, saying those words.

No calculation that is known in your mathematics is useless. They are actually numerical representations of situations that you live every day.

The math may be that which is closest to the “voice of God”. The math is not part of logical reasoning, not as many think, no darling, it is much deeper than that.

Most of the known numerical expressions were channeled by mathematicians.

The name itself was already a clue, “numeric or alphanumeric expressions” they are expressions, they express a concept of something that already exist. That is why mathematicians, mostly, are outstanding people without many attachments, so they are be able to receive these formulas and make it possible to known the nature of the universe, the nature of people and the nature of consciousness.

Mathematics, with the all its numbers and calculations actually open spaces dormant in most people. The “intelligence” as you say, is actually a different access to consciousness, and each has access to a “slot”, which is what you call gifts.

But in the case of mathematicians or people who are very fond of math, the access is like an access to the base of all that there is, an access to the functions of Being. So they do not forget the formulas and the mathematical principles, because all this already exists within everyone, the only difference is that they remember, so all that is familiar and normal for them.

It also happens something very interesting in contrast to all this, with people who “do not like math.” Many of them feel inferior to those people who like it, but this has a reason, they really feel that all that is real, it resonates with them, but they do not know why the intellectual reasoning does not respond to thatfeeling.

There are strong beliefs about this, very strong and ancient, because the less you have access to the essence of Being, the less you will feel stable.

Math is a wonderful thing, that at no time should be despised by you. Even if people desired  to move it away from you , it was impossible, because it is part of your being and your society, it is with it that you measure time, space and all that you know as the World.

Without it everyday life would not exist. And this is a truth that resonates with all of you, even if you say with all words: “I do not like math,”, yet you all know its importance.

The universe, with all its planets and galaxies, is a reflection of your Being and also of all that is measured or calculated with mathematics is also this reflection. If for each mathematical calculation there is a result, that means that for each problem there is a solution, as for each planet there is a different rotation, for each of you there is a way of manage the same problem.

These are the certainties of the Creator, everything that exists has a beginning and an end, nothing is eternal in the same way, everything is constantly changing, as you and your problems.

Deposit the same confidence as you lay in mathematics, when we say that there is always a result. For you are able to find a solution because the solution and the problem are born together, you just have to Let go of the problem and you will see that the solution is on your side.

I want you to imagine now how would your life be if you were considered a mathematician, and that your specialty was to find solutions to your problems, but with the same detachment that a mathematician has from its calculations.

How easy it would be to find the result!

Without attachment you become the expert of your lives. Give youselves that gift, let go of the problems and seek the solutions. What you see as problems are just experiences, and solutions are the harvest.

You are inborn mathematicians, experts in creating solutions.

I love humanity.
I am Kryon

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