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The resurrection of Jesus – one of the greatest beliefs in your consciousness

Message channeled on April 28, 2016 – Seraphis Bey with the Great White Brotherhood

Beloved children of the Supreme Creator, I am Seraphis Bey.

The word resurrection, in most of the times, is connected to Christ, the Bible, but it is much more than that, and I want to explain broadly and deeply about this subject.

When someone says resurrection, soon everybody think about Christ, that by the biblical story he was the only one who ressurected after death. This was also one of the reasons why Easter still exists in the West, because Jesus Christ resurrected and went “body and soul to heaven.”

I want to make a small parenthesis in this explanation.

If in the higher dimensions physicality does not exist, why Jesus Christ would need a body to go to heaven?

Jesus, a being who dwells in the higher dimensions, who existed long before this incarnation, what would be the use for him to “take with him” his  body?

Jesus, who liked to be a man among the people, to the point of name himself “the Son of the man”, why in his death he would do something that would separate him from other people?

The resurrection was imposed in this case as something that only Jesus could do, and that even if you were “a good and loving” person, you would never get to his level. Much of the credibility of Jesus story  is based on the fact that after death his body vanished and he reappeared saying he would go to heaven, and was with his physical body.

But the truth is that Jesus made a much larger work, though many scriptures have been compromised, his energetic signature is there, and that’s why his message was not canceled from your memory.

Jesus Christ resurrected? Yes, of course! Like all who make the passage after each incarnation.

All who incarnate, make their passage and then raise on another plane, in another dimension.

The resurrection is a passage “mandatory” for all, because when you leave a dimensional plane, you enter another one, because you never die.

In recent centuries on Earth, because of the Bible, this word had a sense of separation: if you do not rise again you have no guarantee that you will continue “on the other side.”

This opened a door that brought doubt if life really goes on, and so people started to see this life as the only chance to live. So it is as if it was planted within your consciousness the “final death”.

Before it was spread the biblical “teaching” on the planet, people were sure that life continued, the oldest religions say this openly. As much as they say  that there is a heaven and a hell, yet they also say that this time here on this planet is not unique, that you will live more and more, until eternity.

The word eternity also has a sense of discomfort to people, because they do not know how to guide themselves without the time and speaking in eternity, time is completely meaningless, bringing your awareness to the state of deep disorientation, reaching point that the question whether there is life after deat, becomes a kind of protective shield for this bewilderment that eternity brings.

 On the general classification, the resurrection comes in first place among the things that will not happen for a "common" person.

This is the program installed on most people minds in the West:

“Only Jesus Christ ressurected.”

And that is considered a proof that you are not like him, you can never do what he did, you can never take a seat “at the right hand of God.”

The word resurrection activates a complex belief program in your consciousness.

That is why many light workers who are already awake, continue to put Jesus Christ as a Being above all “men” because in their consciousness, he did something that anyone can do, so he is certainly “A special Being”.

I am saying all these things for you to understand, dear children, that Jesus Christ came to do the same thing as you, to experience, to bring light and love to all.

He did not sacrificed himself for anyone, and you should not do that either.

The quest to being light, for humanity, is a road of love and acceptance, never sacrifice or pain. Jesus Christ does not see himself as greater than you, at any time, so it does not make sense that you see him this way.

He is a loving being who emanates love all the time for you, like so many other Beings. Jesus Christ was the manifestation, at that time, which paved the way so the love could take roots here, but it was not him who invented the separation through the word resurrection, and neither was him who taught the beliefs that this word awakens.

But now I want to talk about what it really means resurrection.

The resurrection is to resurrect to life.

If this truth had been taught, you would not have created the fear of death, because you would know that you will rise to life after the passage. One of the great attributes of the ray to which I belong, The White one, is the resurrection. And see that in the White Ray there are also attributes such as peace and balance, they all mean the same thing, life.
The White Ray helps to live intensely, enjoying every second to be happy and bright.
The resurrection happens whenever you find balance and peace, then you understand that the resurrection has nothing to do with death, but with life.
Every time you want to completely change your lives you actually are wanting the balance, peace and resurrection. It happens exactly in this order, and when life really changes, it is because you have gone through the first phase, then  the second one and finally came to the resurrection. You then enter a totally different frequency and discover a new stage, full of light and new experiences.
Beloved children of the Supreme Creator, stop using the beliefs of separation that you were taught, and awaken to the oneness, where everyone is equal and everyone can wake up to a completely different life when they want. It all starts in the search for balance.
You are like the turtles on the beach, even if they do not know very well what’s going on, they know where they want to go and always follow towards the sea.
Even if you think that you are lost sometimes, you are always going toward the resurrection, which is the life you desire, full of light and love.
I bless you with the White Ray.
I Am Seraphis Bey – Great White Brotherhood

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