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Abraham – The “anti-terrorism” campaign

Message channeled on January 19, 2016 – Abraham

The anti-terrorism campaign that is propagated by many countries is actually spreading hatred and anger.

Every day this kind of conduct plants in people’s consciousness revenge and violence seeds.

Without realizing it, people start neglecting the energetic impression of people and begin to evaluate them or judging them by the outside. That is, instead of asking “What I feel in the presence of this person?” the first question people ask concerns the way someone is dressed: “She/he looks like a muslim” , and automatically the mind seeks in what situations it recorded there were muslims involved and surely will come to your mind pictures of conflicts with people dressed in the same way.

What these countries actually do is a mass brainwashing. This name, brainwashing, is not correct, but we will use it so that you can understand what they are doing with the awareness of all those who are in front of the TV absorbing the “news ” that they pass on .

The perception must be rescued and you have tools which can guide you perfectly safe. You do not need “to know what is happening around the world” to be safe .

Your emotions are able to tell you if the person who is in front of you is not in your frequency. You do not need the “advice” of any newspaper to make sure that person is trustworthy or not.

Do not give your attention to things that are actually changing your perception about people and about yourself, because without realizing it, you are closing your power inside a drawer and locking it with a key.

You are wonderful frequencial beings who are guided by the energy vibrations, so anyone or any situation can “deceive” you if you are attentive to the voice of your emotions.

When you are looking at a person or a situation, discard the unimportant things, it means, everything that your eyes are seeing, and then what will be left is the Divine reality, which is the frequency.

Do not think, feel.

We leave you in the Light of the Creator.


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