Abraham – when you are agitated

Message channeled on November 11, 2015 – Abraham

Never get carried away by the agitation.

How many times were you agitated, nervous, completely disturbed  and you made ​​a decision that you quickly repented ?

We will explain what really happens when you are agitated.

When you are facing a situation in which you feel uncomfortable, it can be a fight, a conversation or even a memory, your minds start working in order to “defend” itself and in doing so it uses so much energy that often there is a lack of energy for other important things, both in your consciousness, listening to the heart, as in the physical body, to keep everything working perfectly .

Then the mind can make you put all your focus there, in that situation , and with that you can not listen to an advice that the heart may be giving at that time, nor the body can remain unshakable, because without enough energy , the body gets decompensated , the pressure gets damaged and when the lack of energy is extreme, you pass out , which is a way of the body protect itself against this lack of energy that you are generating .

Look, darlings, the agitation is not unimportant, it is a momentary condition that make you ” blind”, because the mind is unable to make decisions with precision , that’s why there is a heart, it always knows what is the most profitable road, that at that moment is the best option for you, but if you are agitated, the mind takes charge and chooses what she retains “best known”, the way where she has lived something similar, so she will know how to manage it .

When you are agitated inside a situation, the best thing to do is let your mind calm down, do not react , because your reaction will be based only in the mind and you will speak or do things that probably will not come from your heart, and so at that time you will be creating more future situations of pain and suffering .

Whenever you see a “Master”, he has a calm face and a quiet mind , because the wisdom that exists in the heart can only come to light if it remains so.

As the river can only be crystalline when the waters are calm .

So are you, dear physical friends, be at peace, allow the agitation  to pass, without reacting in the situation, just wait, and then feel what is the best word to be said or the best choice to be made.

We hope to have helped.
We leave you in the Light of the Creator .

perfil LucianaProfile of Luciana Attorresi – Source: http://trabalhadoresdaluz.com

Translation: Carolina Menkes Reis – Email: carol.menkes@gmail.com