The Blue Dragons- We affirm, there will be no major environmental destructions anymore

Message of April 12, 2016 – The Blue Dragons Family Matriarch

I came to you because you have shown respect and love for my family, and especially have shown love for the bigger plan.

I am the family matriarch of the Blue Dragons, and I come with a lot of happiness to tell you that all we have projected in the recent aeons is about to be accomplished.

All Dragons families are more united than ever, it means there are balance between the elements.

Our hearts are beating together the hearts of all the dragons, of all colors, pulsing with a deep love, both for humanity and for Gaya.

The devastation of the environment was nothing more than the devastation of love that was going on inside of you. Today, with all the awakened working on behalf of the All, you are regaining the love that inhabits within each of you and by consequence, the nature begins the process of returning to the balance, and that is the reason for all the celebration that is happening in the  Elemental kingdom.

The newspapers keep saying that the devastation continues and that the whole environment is languishing, but believe me, Divine Lights, it is just one of the many lies they tell.

So, as they will no longer have a world war, we affirm there will be no major environmental destructions.

Today, we and Gaya, we have much more energy available for us to use for nature. As some already know, we, the Blue Dragons, are from the water element, and so we are working along the rivers, seas and oceans so there is a recycling of all energy that sustains their existence, so, from now on, the process of cleaning, activation and reactivation of rivers beds begin to happen.

The seas will repopulate, not with the reason to give more food, because for this purpose, in contrary to what they say, the fish are not getting scarcer, but we are saying about the energy balance, because fish and all other aquatic animals  exist to balance the energy of the planet, just like you.

They are light sources in the water. Sea currents carry the energy that these animals generate.

In a very short time, your scientists will have the courage to admit this publicly, because they already know this information for some time.

Plankton water will be recognized as a kind of pranic food for aquatics. The large marine animals such as whales, dolphins, sharks, sea lions, etc., are like the pyramids on Earth, they are antennas that receive the energy of the Universe and transmit them to all.

The marine life is important not only to the ecosystem, but for the energy anchoring that she does, it is this energy that sustains the beauty of the ecosystem and not the opposite.

We got the result we wanted, we created a complete regeneration of nature. According to the available energy and frequency, everything will start to happen, but be sure that those who think in devastate everything will be asked not to do it, and if they insist in it, they will be removed from the planet as it will no longer be in balance with the frequency we arrived.

Love won and this is merit of all who worked on the master plan.

Gratitude, Divine Lights, for have done your part. That the grace of the Supreme Creator be with you.

I am the matriarch of the Blue Dragons.

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