Symptoms in the physical body after the Portal 11/11

Message of November 16, 2015 – Sirian Brothers

Beloved brothers,

We are really happy with the result that is happening since the Portal 11/11 .

For those who do not know yet, this portal was actually a very special alignment between the sun of this galaxy and Sirius, and this square has released an energy that was being emerged by the Central Sun, and we can say for sure that it was a wonderful moment, the apex of this portal .

The harmony codes that are coming are so strong, that many are feeling back pains and headaches, because these codes will work with your subtle bodies, so, often a reflection of that work in your physical body are these pains, because you are being released of very old emotional charges, which prevented you from proceeding with greater ease .

So when you feel these pains, just bless your body and be glad because you are going through a faster and easier cleaning process.

Work together with these energies, ask them for everything to be done quickly, with your intention, and they will be potentialized.

If you happen to have none of these reflections in your body, do not think that nothing is happening to you, because everyone has a story, and each of you reacts in a way , but all of you will go through this, the harmony is being brought and nothing can stop it .

Irritation and nervousness may also present on your journey, and in the same way, let them go.

You as a Whole are very good, and we are happy because love is invading the planet as never before .

We are always at your disposal .
Call us if you need .

Your Sirian Brothers.

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